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Ambition Thrives Here

Ambition Thrives Here

Florida Atlantic University, established in 1961, officially opened its doors in 1964 as the fifth public university in Florida. Today, the University serves more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students across six campuses located along the southeast Florida coast and is ranked as a top public university by U.S. News and World Report.
mg官方电子平台 is an energetic and fast-growing institution, determined to propel itself to the forefront of innovation and scholarship. In recent years, the University has doubled its research expenditures and outpaced its peers in student achievement rates. Our students are bold, ambitious and ready to take on the world.
At mg官方电子平台, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
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Dedicated to Success

Through award-winning advising and career services, mg官方电子平台 provides students with the skills to turn dreams into reality. The University has earned national recognition for student outcomes and is proudly ranked as the most diverse public university in Florida. At mg官方电子平台, Pell-eligible students, first-generation students, African-American students and Hispanic students all outpace the university’s overall retention and graduation rates, which is an accomplishment that also eliminates the historical achievement gaps between minority and white students.
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Academic Excellence

Distinguished faculty foster a dynamic learning environment that sets students on a path to tackle today’s most important questions. Research-focused curriculum, fellowships and assistantships provide both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work with world-renowned researchers. mg官方电子平台 is home to nationally ranked programs in business, engineering, computer science, nursing, online education and honors.
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